The privacy of Hirman users is very important and therefore should be protected by both users (all users) and Hirman. Privacy policy is generally designed to prevent and exploit or cause potential problems and should be followed.
All of Hirman’s activities are based on e-commerce laws and information is requested from users, and the user registers this information in various processes such as registration in order to take advantage of the facilities. The registration of information by the user means that they are approved and their accuracy is verified by the user.
By accepting Hirman’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, you expressly consent to your collection, maintenance, and personal use in accordance with Hirman’s Privacy Policy. It also informs that Hirman will do his best in the protocol, server and security layers and appropriate data management methods to protect users’ information and prevent illegal access. It is noted that any abuse relates to the offending person or persons, and Hirman reserves the right to object and prosecute at his or her discretion.
It should be emphasized that the user is responsible for maintaining the password and username, and therefore to prevent any possible misuse, the user should not disclose its information to another person or persons. Also, if the user assigns his mobile number to another person, in order to prevent abuse or possible problems of users, he must change his mobile number in the profile and register a new number.
By installing or using the application, Hirman obtains permission from the user to use the following information, and from this information as necessary to provide services and suggestions to the user, as well as the user to use the various features and sections of Hirman in the system. Hirman registers.
A) Information recorded directly by the user in Hirman:
Some of the information stored in Hirman includes information that users directly record in the Hirman system during user processes such as registration, configuration, request notification, contact with support experts, or similar methods. This information includes first and last name, mobile number, landline number, email, address and similar information. You can change and edit all your personal information in the profile section. This information contains all the information that you have entered in the application or the Hirman website.
B) Information that is recorded as a result of the user’s use of Hirman and also for the purpose of providing services and information:
Banner information, day and time event information, data network on or off, location information, device memory.
This information will not be sold or leased to a third party without your express consent. Hirmann staff will also have limited access to the required amount of information, depending on their responsibilities.
To inform about events, special services or promotions, etc., Hirman may send emails or text messages to members of his website or application. If users do not wish to receive such emails and text messages, they can unsubscribe from receiving the Hirmann newsletter in their profile. Failure to do so will result in tacit consent to the receipt of emails and messages and disqualification.
Hirman may edit reviews and comments submitted by users in accordance with its stated rules. In addition, if the user’s comment or message is subject to instances of criminal content, Hirman can use this recorded information for legal action. Users, while using the Hirman features, grant Hirman the right to edit the information and use it within the aforementioned framework, and forfeit the right to object.
The user is responsible for any possible damages resulting from the non-observance of the above by the user and the user deprives him of the right to make any claim against Hirman. Hirman considers the users’ personal identities confidential and does not transfer their personal information to any other person or organization, unless required by a competent judicial or administrative authority or in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country. In these cases, there is no legal liability for damages for Hirman, and users have also waived the right to object by expressing their consent to the use of the application and the website.
Hirman makes every effort to protect and maintain users’ information and privacy, and hopes to provide a safe and enjoyable user experience.
If you have any questions, please contact Hirman below.